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Salwell Inc. has been a leader in the Procurement industry since January 2019, our head office is located in Toronto, Canada. Our team has aimed to support every segment of the industry with tailor made solutions to achieve efficiency in the supply chain while adhering to strict quality standards and excellent customer service. We facilitate the procurement of innovative goods and services by strengthening the links between buyers on the demand side and innovative companies on the supply side.


With COVID-19 becoming a major pandemic, many of our new clients ran into difficulties with their existing supplier(s) not having stock to support their high demands. Through our massive supplier base we have currently been successfully partnering clients with suppliers within Canada and the USA, who have no existing issues of shortages, on the ground (OTG) fleet, and are able to meet our clients requirements within requested deadlines.

At Salwell Inc. we strive for excellence, while allowing our clients to buy smart and buy right. Vetting suppliers is something that must be done prior to beginning a partnership. We do this work for you, so that you can continue to mange your daily operations. With our existing fleet of suppliers, we can ensure that our clients will be dealing with reputable suppliers at all times.


In order to proceed, we will follow the legally binding buying/selling procedure. All parties must ahere to the SOP as identified below for our Production offers and large Nitrile Glove orders.  



- Kimberly Clark

- Cardinal

- Cranberry

- Glovely

- Smart Glove

- Honeywell

- Blue Sail

- 3M


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